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2014 Are You Ready For Me, Here I Come

By on January 7, 2014 in earning, Goals, mindset with 4 Comments

2014I’m really annoyed at someone I’ve never met, another online marketer Chris Desatoff From I Work of the Clock.  Here’s the thing, all he did was leave a comment on one of my blog posts.

Hi Darren, it’s been awhile since your last post on here. How are things going? Still working on your niche sites?

I hope things are going well for you.

Aloha, Chris

The reason Chris annoyed me, he pointed out something to me, I haven’t really been doing much, (his comment was in September, and I haven’t posted since), and how was my efforts going on my niche sites, and he wished me the best.  Well how dare he, make me realize I’ve been lazy, that my results were in the crapper and things have been going awfully, (Yes big self check there, thanks Chris).

Hey in all seriousness, I’ve also checked Chris’s blog out since, and he has some great information on there, I highly recommend it.

So that brings me to the point, how are things going ? Interesting question, 2013 has been a very unusual year, I changed jobs, one of my family members was diagnosed with Leukemia,  I applied for the internship with Joe and Justin at Empire Flippers  (PS I didn’t get it, damn them to hell) ,I lost interest in trying to do something online and that’s just the highlights.

I honestly can’t really explain why but I’d gotten lazy, but there is a lesson to be learned here people.

            You will not be successful, if your not working your arse off for it everyday.

So where did I get to and what really was going on, well by August I would maybe (strong maybe) post up 1 or 2 articles per week and do some link-building, my product sales were drying up, I just felt depressed I mean with how much work had I put into it in the last couple of years.  The result I was getting was pathetic, I started to enjoy being average, I started to think this is it, I’m working until I’m 70.

But wait all was not lost.

My sister (Tanya) being diagnosed with leukemia, actually prompted me into action.  For other reasons she found herself out of work, so I started to get her to do some writing for me.  And SURPRISE  I found out that she wasn’t a bad writer at all.  I had her visit me for a week in Brisbane, where she started to pester me into showing her more stuff online, she knew I was making a little cash, she wanted in.

After a little while, and some nagging from her, I eventually decided to help her create her own website, so she could start writing about something she had passion for, Gardening.

So Growing All Things was created. (check it out its not bad at all), a website in the gardening niche.  It went live on the 9th of December and has already earned her $12 in adsense.  Hey not a lot I know, but it’s a great start for a young blog, and she clicked on pretty quickly what she can do with it, with a little hard work.

Doing this with Tanya made me look again at what I was doing, and prompted me into action in December.  I cleaned up a lot of my smaller sites, I got rid of 20 or so small sites, that just looked like crap and weren’t really doing anything (saved myself some domain renewal cost).

I kicked up my products sales effort in December, started trading again, pushed my other online incomes sources, and then I nearly shit myself, at the end of December I cleared $2000.

So I thought to myself…… SELF if you do a little bit and can achieve a record month imagine what you can do if you pulled your finger out and went at it hard for 3 months and smashed it.

Now, sweeping public declaration :-  its now the 7th on January as I write this post, and already I’ve achieved a lot for the month, so far:

Ο  Product sales

Ο  Affiliate sales

Ο 2 full site redesigns

Ο  Link building programs including fiver and The Hoth.  I am interested to see which one has the best results, I’m banking on the Fiver gig (Big shout out to freelancerva). Sidenote, I’ve used the Thehoth.com and had great results too

Ο  I lost $5000 in the FX markets arrrggghhhh (yep that hurt)

Ο  Ordered a stack of new articles from Hirewritters.com

That’s just a little bit of what I’ve done so far, so what’s next for me…mmmmmm I think I have 3 options :

1. Give up

2. Keep doing what I am currently doing and getting the same results.

3. Push myself to greater heights…

Well thanks to Chris Desatoff from I Work Of The Clock …..  I’ve really thought about it, probably the most I’ve thought about anything to date online.

I’m pushing myself to great heights…..I’ve already :

Ο  Pretty much cut out alcohol/sugar anything processed or refined (almost full paleo)

Ο  Started exercising like a demon, changed my exercise routines, I can’t remember being this sore in a long time.

Ο Got a goal board up and running

goal board

That just the base I’m setting myself, healthy mind and body it’s got to make it easy to work harder.

So where do I want to take my online business in 2014?

Well putting aside well structured goal setting,  I want it to replace half my Base Salary this year.  Is that achievable ?  YES if I continue to build on my December 2013 results..

So where to from here:

Immediately in the next 3 months

Ο  I need to redesign any websites, I intend on keep for the next 12 months.

Ο  Design and implement solid marketing campaign for the product websites

Ο  Continue to develop link building campaign.

Ο  Promote  promote promote, thanks Derek Halpen

Ο  Write solid readable content that has value to people.

Ο  Write more often (Small goal 3 times per week)

That’s it for the next 3 months, head down bum up and go for it.  I’m of to a good start in January with sales already achieved I just need to continue down that path.

Oh and Wait for it   the next post…  it is on its way.

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  1. Darren you continue to inspire me and amaze me. keep going, those who reach touch stars.

    • Darren says:

      Thanks for the positive comment. Its all about the journey… sometimes you have to take two steps backwards before you can go forwards again.

  2. Justin says:


    Great to see you back in action, Darren! $2K in December sounds like a nice way to head into 2014.

    Let me know if you need anything (Advice, chat, etc.) or if I can help you – I’d really like to see you crush it this year so that you can come back and party with us in Davao! :-)

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