2016 Is Dead – My 2017 Goals And How I Am Going To Achieve Them

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1965 MustangIts taken me a while to do this, I am not going to lie, 2016 was a craptastic year.  In no way, did I achieve much more then burnout.  Lets face facts I don’t think 2016 was a great year for many people.

Take a look at the US they now have Trump as president, we lost so many different famous musical artists, the economy is in the toilet, you get what I am saying.

I barely did anything online, between 2014 and 2016 my sites were hacked about 30 times. I lost more money to Hoochie and Clickclack in dumbfuck nowhere (they are the names I have given to the hackers that killed my online income), then I care to count.

I lost so much money trading in the Forex market, my broker at Easyforex actually rung me up, and said just give him the money he would feel better than watching me piss the money away, (Yes I have some impulse issues).

Work wise, what started in 2014 as a 3-day week consultancy gig morphed into a 100 hour a week full time job that just about killed me, physically, mentally and spiritually in 2016.

So, after such a rough time, what do I do ?

The Choices

Well I could give up, stick a fork in it or I could sit back revise my strategy and capitalize on what I already know and have learnt.

So, that is exactly what I am going to do, time to revise strategy, plans and action.

So let’s get a few things straight, I am writing this on the second day on January 2017, I have set myself some new goals for the year head, as well I have a full time new work gig in New South Wales, Australia.

My 2017 Goals

  1. Earn $2000 K per month with Blogs
  2. 1 x Overseas Trip
  3. $5000 Shares investment
  4. $10000 Paid of Home Loan
  5. 0 Balance of W/pac Credit card
  6. 1 x Trip home
  7. Visit Hunter Valley for Long Weekend
  8. Get down to 90 KGS
  9. Sell $2 000 000 Worth of Metal
  10.  Buy 1965 Mustang

New Job

With the new job I am moving from Queensland to New South Wales in Australia, for a State Manager job with the company I work with right now.  What that means is more money, more responsibility and a big move interstate.  I will still be working in the Materials Handling Industry just in a bigger role.

How will I achieve the 2017 goals.

Well that’s going to be the interesting thing, its always work, work and more work to achieve anything that is worth having, so lets take a look at the break down of the 2017 goals and how I am going to get there. :

Earn $2000 K per month with Blogs

Well I’ve hit those numbers and a lot more online, so can I do it again is the question ? I am pretty sure that I can.

I am in the process of consolidating the websites that I own, after being hacked for the umpteenth time, as well as I am looking at what I write and how I get it written, as well as link building and building some decent traffic to my sites.

It will take a while to rebuild the passive income from the websites, but I want at least 1 month where I earn $2000 per month with my blog network.

1 x Overseas Trip

This one is a little easier, save some money then pick where I want to go, book it and go there.

Yes that’s pretty easy, but I need to make sure that I achieve all the other financial goals first.  This goal falls into leisure so if I don’t hit it no biggie.  But what I usually do is allocate a certain amount of money each week into a spare bank account and let it accumulate.

$5000 Shares Investment

Well this will take a little bit of luck and smart investing, but it falls into the above goal, separate account and regular contributions, then choose a company to invest in, then invest in it.  I will use a margin loan account that I have active.

$10000 Paid of Home Loan

The great thing about this goal, is the extra money, that I will earn, and the tax advantages I will get from renting my house out, when I move to Sydney.  Every spare cent will go into achieve this goal.

0 Balance of W/pac Credit card

This is a little difficult to achieve with all the other financial goals, but its the same principle, put a certain amount away each month, stop using the card.

1 x Trip home

The easiest one, although will now cost me some money if I have to fly home, Sydney to Yeppoon is a fair distance.   But with my parents not traveling as much, its easier for me to go home.  Its important to stay close to family.

Visit Hunter Valley for Long Weekend

This one is more about enjoying wine, for a side project of mine Smashed Grape.  I get to enjoy some wine, write about it, and maybe write the cost of on my tax.

Get down to 90 KGS

This one is going to take some will power, but in the last few years with some health issues and being a workaholic I got fat and lazy. I am not going to take the easy road here, I need to get of my arse and work out, eat well.  It will be good to get a bit of balance in work and lifestyle.

Sell $2 000 000 Worth of Metal

Purely driven by my need to do well at work, All it will take is a bit of luck and hard work, with some smart marketing as well.  Metal is a industry slang for selling forklifts.

Buy 1965 Mustang

This one is purely fun, its something I have always wanted, not sure if this is on the cards, but I will be trying my arse of to get this one.  Why would I want to drive a Mustang, well its really cool.

Read This Book

If you are a little stuck with how to go about setting your goals, try reading this book on Goal Setting.

The Wash Up

So that’s it, for the 2017 goals, and what they mean to me.  I will trying to stay focused on them, and will be doing a quarterly update so I stay on target.  Goals are all about hard work, focus, direction, luck, discipline, it will be interesting to see how I go.  I really what to hit the financial goals, they are really important.  Let me know what your goals are !

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