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Moving targetAbout 18 months ago, I signed up to a well respected bloggers site, hoping to glean a little information from his blog that I would be able to use, as part of his online email marketing effort I received the below email :-


 If you’re reading this email, you probably already know I make a sizable chunk of my online earnings come from Amazon (close to $100,000 in total profits). Because this income is such a huge part of my business I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make more with Amazon on my websites and to show you how you can do the same thing. So yesterday I got to see early access of a cool new WordPress plugin that just went on sale that’s designed to help you increase your click through rates and income on your Amazon websites.

 I really like the way the plugin works and can help convert visitors into buyers, but rather than just talk about the software I actually did a quick 5 minute video review / walkthrough showing you how I’ll be using this plugin on a bunch of my niche Amazon sites as I update them for the Christmas rush.

 The software was just put on sale, but the more copies that are sold the higher the price will go so watch my video review and then make a decision quickly because it’s available at only $17 right now, but that price will go up.

I hope you take advantage of this offer so you can capitalize on the last minute shopping rush.   <– Good example of the Carrot Effect

Now, if his claim is is true that he makes $100 000 in total profits from Amazon good on him, I have no reason to doubt that he does and it is well deserved.

Its the highlighted line that I want to make you aware of.

Buy a plugin for $17 right now,  or the prices will go up, that’s the WARRIOR FORUM price method, apparently they view it as OK, to have a moving price target.

Now the interesting thing is, I actually bought the plugin at $27.50, refreshed the screen and found it to be price at $26, YES that’s right the price went down, within about 10 minutes of me buying it.

I actually sent the respected blogger a message calling him on it, as I had found his email misleading, what I got back was “Tough I thought I was clear“.  OK dickhead in my country Australia , in Australia this sort of pricing method would be dealt with by our Consumer Commission.  Yes we are a developed nation.

The guys that developed the plug-in in question, actually then went on to commit what I would almost say is Cyber Crime (but that is a story for another day).

What You Need To Learn

So out of the above story, there are a couple of points, you need to consider :-

As a consumer

  • BEWARE when buying any thing online – Make sure you know what price you are paying.
  • Do not believe the hype of anything that lands in your Email box.
    • Just because that are Claim to be making Squillions, does not mean you will.  If you believe that it will, I also have a bridge to sell you
  • Make sure the plug-in you are buying, is for a specific purpose and fits into you existing online business model.
  • Research what you are buying
    • I got the plugin about 3 days after it went live.  I didn’t bother to check the posts that people were putting up about it, in the Forum, if I bothered to check I would of read some disturbing feedback, and would not of progressed with buying it.

As a Blogger

  • BEWARE – Make sure you have fixed pricing on any products that you are selling, its perfectly OK to offer bonus up sells.  Remember the Mc Donald’s factor “Would you like fries with that”
  • Make sure you can back up what you are promoting – After sales support is crucial.
  • Be as honest and transparent as you possible can. – Remember it is you character and reputation that is online as well

The truth about internet marketing is it’s a hard slog, my advice to you is sit on you hands when you find a new great whiz bang thing, that claims it will propel you into the stratosphere in making an online income.

If you are shelling out money with out thinking about it you might end up broke, be miserable and frustrated. Which will cause you to stop trying to make money in the online world, and that is a shame.

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