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wordpress themeEver since I started playing with websites and the whole online thing, I have learnt a lot about WordPress, website creation, hosting and a wide range of other things in the online world, in my pursuit of creating an online income.

One area that I continually had struggled with until recently, is creating a website that looks great and functions well. I am talking about a visually appealing website.  Think about the book the theme is the book cover.

There are countless studies and statistics about why first impressions count in website design, for example web users form first impressions of web pages in as little as 50 milliseconds.  Read this First Impressions Count.

One of the many things that I love about WordPress is how easy is it to change things or add things, but choosing the right WordPress theme has taken me hundreds of dollars and a couple of years.

My first website

My very first website I ever attempted was a self help blog I created in Art Explosion Publisher Pro 2.0.

And in a word it looked hideous, see for your self.

Wordpress Theme

It didn’t take long to work out that I could pay someone to create a nice looking WordPress theme, for me, for a cost of $600.

I discover Free WordPress Themes

It didn’t take me long to work out that $600 for a custom WordPress theme, was a financial killer, so I started to play with WordPress free themes.

In the early days I was working with a VA, so I had the VA tweak the free themes for me.  I was still to scared to play with the HTML code my self.  But I figured out I could just copy the things the VA was doing to make the changes I wanted.

Thesis Theme lands in my lap

It was actually my VA who suggest The Thesis Theme for WordPress to me, as a way of creating multiple sites quickly that all looked different. now this was back at Thesis 1.82, I think they are now up to version 2.1.

The earlier versions of Thesis were pretty good, I was getting my VA to set the sites up for me, then I was replicating what my VA was doing, to create more sites.  It didn’t take long for me to have more then 100 sites.

I discover quality over quantity

To be honest if I had 140 sites, 136 of them were crap. Either they looked half baked, or were under fed when it came to quality content on them,.  So I started to focus more on creating Authority website sites that were helpful.

I started to look at other more successful sites and started to pick them apart. I went to freelancer and outsourced my WordPress theme creation to a professional. At a cost of $250 each theme, I again started to replicate their work on my other sites.

Premium Themes

I finally worked out that by being a little bit smarter, and doing some decent research I could buy an individual premium WordPress theme for my site, for and average of $35 per theme.

The problem with Individual Premium themes

Most of the themes I was buying were only for 1 site licenses, and in a lot of cases weren’t much better then the Thesis based theme I was creating myself. The sites still lacked appeal.

Thank god for Solo stream

A while back, I started to help a friend of mine set up a travel blog, Big World Small Pockets.  I of course created the first WordPress theme for her site with Thesis. with the thought that after three months we would look to upgrade it to a different theme,

After a ton of time, Steph found Solostream, and with another two intensive days of checking out each theme that solo tream had, finally settled on the Brilliance Theme.

So I took notice

In helping Steph through the setting up her travel blog and creating a thesis based theme, I took notice of Solostream big time.

It didn’t take me long to work out that it was every bit as flexible as Thesis, and more so in some cases. I could use this WordPress theme and set it up any way I wanted.

Value for money

I have used solostream themes now on several of my sites, mainly the ones that are money earners. I can use the same theme several times and have it look different every time. With some very easy tweaks.

Help and support

A big thing for me online is the help and support that I get.  I started out knowing absolutely nothing so its been a lot of trial and error.  So help and support is a key thing for me, Solostream has a really easy to navigate support forum, I wanted to move my secondary menu down the screen a little bit, and couldn’t work out how to do it, I posted a help topic and had an answer with in days.

For me this was heaven.

What I learnt about WordPress Themes

I’ve learnt a stack about themes along the way.

  • You will need to spend money to get a decent working theme. That doesn’t make your site look like crap.
  • Research is key in finding the right WordPress theme for your site.
  • Quality over quantity every single time.

The Guff

Unless you are/have created an authority site that is earning real money, and can pay for someone to create exactly what you want (remember this can be in the thousands).  when looking at your setup budget allow for a solostream WordPress theme. You certainly won’t regret it.

Just a last minute tip, this website them is Brilliance from Solostream

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