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passive incomeA mindset shift is hard for anyone, most of us believe that we go through school, to go to uni, to get a job and stick at it for life, work to retirement age (currently 65 in Australia), live for another 20 years on the meager saving’s we have managed to scrimp together, then DIE at 85.

Yes I know that really paints a depressing picture, but that is the truth for the majority of us, or at least a version of it. I have spent many years playing with different methods of earning income outside of a traditional 9 to 5 method of working for a wage.

As I wrote about in the last post, (Click Here). I am fully committed to rebuilding my online income one stream at a time, starting with E-commerce and particularly Drop Shipping.

Now there is plenty of different ways to start here :

  • Buying an existing site – Flippa or Empire Flippers
  • Starting your own website
  • Just focusing on Ebay
  • Freelancing  (check out Location Rebel)
  • Developing your own product and selling it
  • Buying and selling other peoples products.
  • Drop shipping products
  • Full fulfillment by Amazon


If you are a complete and absolute beginner in this area. I strongly suggest looking around your own home, for things you no longer use and list them for sale on Ebay. The stats are – every house has $2500 of unused things laying around the house.

Find it list it and sell it.

So with the above list, there are many options (and plenty more to consider), yes they are all going to be hard work. But the reward is, either a part time income coming in or a potential full time income coming in.

So where to start

Well this bit is the hard bit. Starting any new thing. Whether it is a new excise program, or new diet, or a side hustle.

So my advice here is,

Define your goal

Are you looking to –

  •  Earn a part time income
  • Potentially replace your full time income
  • Want to share your passion
  • Want to develop a new idea and take it to market.

What ever it is, start there look at what you want to achieve then work backwards.

My defined goal is – Start a part time E-commerce business, that is generating $2000 revenue per month. (Read – Light bulb Moment Drop shipping first income stream )

Now that goal is a short term first goal. My long term goal is to generate a $20 000 revenue per month. But I want to start with a smaller goal in mind, and work towards the bigger goal.

How will you go about it ?

Well my first revenue stream in Drop ship products or physical products for sale online. I will be developing my own website as well as using existing channels. To promote and sell products.

How do I pick a Niche to work in ?

Well, this one is actually easier then you think. Ask your self this question “If you have a interest or passion for Fishing, are you going to promote Fidget spinners? “. The obvious answer is no.
You are hopefully going to promote fishing or fishing products specifically.

Tip: Stick to what you know

What type of products should you be promoting ?

Well you have a few options here as well.

Physical products

Whether you develop your own or buy from a supplier and sell them

Non physical products

Design a course and sell it

With the physical products you can sell your own or sell someone elses. I am starting with selling someone elses, being Drop shipping.  So I won’t actually own anything physically myself (well maybe the odd product down the track).  I will promote other manufactures products on line and sell them.

What are the Distribution Channels I am using

I am initially focusing on two channels

  • My own website
  • Ebay

How do I start a website

There are so many different places to go to now. But its all pretty basic.

  • Pick a domain name
  • Register it
  • Buy some hosting
  • Host your website
  • Build your website out
  • Add a logo
  • Put content on it
  • Promote the content
  • Add products to the website
  • Promote the products

Sounds pretty easy to achieve ? WRONG… its fucking hard work, don’t underestimate it. Depending on your skill level, I’d always suggest build your own website out. You can get websites made for you from about $200 and up. (In the early days I spent $8000 on one website, I can now make that same website for about $300).

So with out getting to much into it, I am now at the level where I feel comfortable being able to build out my own website, so that’s what I am doing

Effort equals reward

I can not understate this part enough, the effort you put in, will directly dictate what you get back in rewards. Its also called sweat equity. I first heard that term, listening to a guy called Gary Vanerchuck. Or as he also likes to say, stop watching Lost and work on your hustle.

Basically if you are sitting on your arse at night thinking that, watching the latest episode of Big bang theory is the most important thing you can do you have got it wrong.

Turn of the TV, fire up the laptop and start looking for products you can flog. start learning how to build out a website.

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