How Much Do You Really Need to Spend On Your First Website ?

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website designI read a lot, pretty much anything about income generation, investing, online investing, Forex trading, et.c.  Pretty much anything that I can get my hands on, that might give me a new idea on how to increase my return.

I get sick and tired of reading the “experts” promising instant riches with little or no investment.  You have to invest either money or effort in growing any income stream.

With my recent re-focus of E-commerce.  I wanted to revisit just what to expect when you start trying to generate an online income, by creating a website.

My very first website, cost me $800, the second $8000.  Yes that is a true story, the second one was a custom design job, by a web designer in Australia.  To be perfectly honest I had no idea what I was doing.

I did no or little research at all, and the result was I spent a lot of money I didn’t have to.  I have since gone back and redesigned that second website, for about $300, yep big difference.

The Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

With any investment the question you need to ask is – How much capital do you need to spend to get that ROI ?

The next question is – What is the expected Return on Investment ?

So lets take a look at how much do you really need to spend to establish a website ?

The answer is well, that really depends on you and your goals, the type of site you want to create, what you want to achieve with it, how big it needs to be, and so on.

The great thing about being on-line is it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, so please learn from my mistake.  I still think about that $8 000 and what I could of done with it.

Here’s the break down

Domain Registration

I still register 98% of my domain names with Godaddy, for an average price of $11.99 each. Now they do specials and the other Extensions can be cheaper, (Such as .ORG, or .NET).  But I recommend .COM if your domain name is available.

If you are starting a website that is country specific for example a E-commerce site. Then you really want a country extension  such as .

  • Australia – .COM.AU
  • United Kingdom – .UK
  • New Zealand – CO.NZ

Domain Hosting

Oh hosting you are my nemesis.  I suggest spending some real research time and money on this part of your online journey.

I’ve tried a few different ones now

    • Godaddy
    • Hostgator
    • Bluehost
    • A2 Hosting
    • Zuver
    • Private hosting package  (paid through the nose to host my second site)

Out of the 6 honestly I’ve found A2 Hosting by far the best value and best service.  I have a bit of love/hate relationship with Bluehost.  I still use Hostgator and Zuver.

There is no way that I would ever go for a private hosting package again.  I think that people that don’t know anything about hosting/domain websites get taken by people that know something about it.

Website Design

This is really the interesting point, you could contract someone to do it for you, I did.  There are plenty of places to go , like Upwork or Freelancer

However everything I do now is on WordPress.

The great thing about WordPress is its free, and its really simple to use.  I mean if you can use a basic Microsoft package, like word or excel.  You’re going to be able to use WordPress, if you get stuck at all you can always watch a lot of YouTube videos.

Website Themes

You can actually theme your site really quickly and easily.  There are some plenty of good themes that are free.  You can buy a premium site for about $50, then it goes up from there.  I’ve had custom themes done for $250.

Now not including the $8000 that I spent on one site.  If you’ve got ninja skills you can work on designing your own site, or buy a premium theme and tweak it as you see fit.  Its takes some time, patience and a little bit of creativity, but you can do it your self.

So whats the real cost

    • Domains – $11.99
    • A2 Hosting – $ 47.07 per year
    • Website design – $250 (Purely optional)
    • WordPress theme – $49  (This is optional but highly recommended)

So there you go, you can get online with a website for a grand total of $ 59.03 – $418 initial outlay.  Which isn’t to bad when you think about it.

Now in saying that, its a bare bottom outlay.  When you start to add in premium plugins, content (If you outsource), stock (If you are selling products), the cost can climb.

I usually like to try and plan out my moves and what I think I will do with any online site I start. Remember the first question of investing in What’s the ROI ?

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