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The death of 10 blogs and birth of 1

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OK, so the title might be a little over the top, but its pretty much the truth. I recently decided to pull the pin on 10 small similar niche websites I had and combine them into one large Authority based website.

I must say, it’s been a interesting process in doing this, and I am still not finished it either, but I should finish migrating all the relevant data over to the new site in the next week or so, then I just need to continue to add to the one site. So I want to put this up here to I could illustrate how sometimes you need to let ideas develop and progress.

The Background

When I started online, I found Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum’s niche website challenge, they challenged each other to design and develop a website in a niche, then blog about how they did it. I took a particular interest in Pat Flynn’s Security Guard website, It was in a USA based niche that catered to the Security guards providing information on how to get into the Security guard field within the States.

Now I am based in Australia, where we have about 10% of the population that the USA does, there is no way I would be able to create something in that same niche that would even come close to Pat’s Security guard website. So after a bit of thought I decided that MINING is a hot industry with in Australia, I thought maybe I could do something along those lines.

So Mining work Australia was born, at its peak it had 17 articles on it, I had it redesigned twice in a 18 month period. Monetized it via Google and some affiliate related programs, and I provided a free E-book down load.

After a few months I was deep in the mindset of creating small niche websites monetized via Ad-sense. So Nursing work Australia was created, which quickly followed by Engineering, Mechanic, Building, Teacher, Hospitality, Defense, Government, and they were all small niche websites. They all ended up as very thin sites, that really didn’t do much, they all got a little bit of traffic, and the odd Click via Google.  But I wasn’t setting the world on fire.

Now I wrote about it in Why I suck at Making Money online. Focus is without a doubt one of my poorer skills, Corbet Barr wrote a great article about it on his site called Think Traffic, as well called Successful Entrepreneurs Focus Better and Quit More Often…. I can only guess that its probably one of the biggest issues that most bloggers will face when starting online.  They have one potentially great idea, that they start, then they go on to have several more ideas and go about creating several other blogs, jumping from one thing to another.  Trust me it won’t work. All you will do is wear yourself out, get frustrated and give up.

So after my poor results in August, and a well deserved week holidays  at the start of October, after discussions with my web guy, Richard at Square deal, as well as reading Spencer Haws Niche pursuits post about the EMD update and his new strategy of creating bigger niche based sites. I made the decision to create one large employment based authority site – Industry work Australia,  and combine all the smaller work Australia sites into one.

Well the results, have been interesting,  After the first 10 days, I have already got traffic to the site, as well as some Ad-sense clicks.

 My strategy moving forward

Social Media

I had already established Facebook and Twitter social media accounts for the Work Australia websites, so I will be utilising the same accounts for Industry work Australia. Even though both were started a few months back when I was still thinking about multiple sites, I can still use both.


I still have about 30 articles to copy across. All but 2 of the original websites have now been forwarded to Industry Work Australia. I will have all that done in the next week.
Every article I post, will also then be posted to Facebook and Twitter, with a secondary posting to Diggg, Stumbleupon and Reddit, I also actively Ping my posts via Pingomatic.  I also have another 10 articles planned, which I will book through Textbroker, so I can continue to drip feed them in over the next couple of months.

Additional Monetizing methods

I will be adding a couple of affiliate programs to the site as well. I have found a couple that will fit very nicely and provide some great help for people that are looking for work or a change of career.

Email Campaigns

With Mining Work Australia I had a free e-book opt in, so I have accumulated some email subscription addresses as well, Waste not want not, I will be emailing these contacts advising of the Industry Work Australia site, and the new information that they can find.

Ultimately with this course of action it means that I have changed my niche from Mining to Employment, which given the circumstances of the current global economy and Australia, it actually makes sense to work in the bigger Employment niche , instead of a small sub niche.  So that’s the why, what, when, and how of me killing 10 sites and making one large authority site, Again focus for me is such a key thing. So the positive to this is I now only have to think about one site, and not multiple sites, If I tried to post 2 posts per week per site that would of been 20 posts per week, so I can now focus on 2 posts per week for 1 site. Which frees up my time up for other projects.

I have also saved money on domain renewal, images, content, web design.  I’ve also now have a growing blog that can really provide help to people that are looking for work with in Australia.  So all up I am very happy…

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