What’s The Best Niche Website Hosting To Use ?

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best website hostingChoosing a Website Hosting provider was the quickest thing I did when I started, and not so surprisingly the first thing I got wrong. It took me about 6 months, before I worked that out, and then realized that there were lots of other hosting companies, and I really should of done some research into which Hosting provider was the best to use for my purpose.

When I started I knew less then nothing about domain names, hosting, private registration and tons of other techie type stuff. The first site that I ever did, was with a friend, he had previously bought a domain through GoDaddy, another friend I talked with, who also had used GoDaddy previously for hosting, so that was good enough for me.

My first order with GoDaddy was for :-

A .Co domain name – I didn’t even know what Exact Match Domains were then, or the power that comes with extensions, like .com, .net or .org.

Protected Registration – Really I was super scared someone might find out who I was.

Private Registrations – Again I was petrified of people finding out who I am.

Business Registration – Sure I was starting a business wasn’t I?

Certified Domain – I thought I was really smart here, still didn’t know what the hell a certified domain was.

Email package – I didn’t know that you can get free email addresses with a domain name, think web mail.

Hosting Web Deluxe – 1 year for 1 site

Standard turbo SSL – Still don’t really know what a Turbo SLL is, but it sounds cool

Total – $226.72

I started to get quotes from web designers to build a website for me, ranging from $450 to $8000, I had never even heard of WordPress. Oh by the way it took about 6 weeks to realize that the .CO was a waste of time for what I was trying to achieve.

It took me about another 3 months to realize that hosting by GoDaddy was crap. I am based in Australia, I found out that their hosting servers were in Asia, somewhere, I was forever getting timeouts, 500 page errors, my site was down for extended periods of time.

The third site I ever did, was a very specific industry based site, I spent $8500 on the site, and part of that was an agreement to host it with the web developer, on servers in Australia for $250 per year for 2 gb server space.

After a while and some very frustrating calls to the GoDaddy help desk, I finally did some research and found Hostgator, and bought their Baby Plan, for $6.36 per month which includes.

Unlimited domains
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth

Shared SSL certificate (yep still not sure what a SSL is)

So, I had new hosting, as my niche websites numbers grew, I parked them at Hostgator, and after my first 12 months hosting with GoDaddy.com expired, I moved everything to Hostgator.

Tips I learnt along the way

  • GoDaddy.com, is great for buying Domains but not much else.
  • Their servers are horrendous, GOOGLE this – Problems with Godaddy hosting, nuff said.
  • Make sure you buy hosting that allows for multiple domains, I guarantee you will want to add more websites to your portfolio.

Why you should have multiple Hosting accounts

If your online strategy is to grow a niche website empire, or at the very least to have several different Authority sites. Once you can afford it I recommend getting a second hosting account. The reason I say this is its a great way to create your very own private blog network, by back linking between your sites, from different IP address, I started to use this strategy once I started Buying PR Expired domains to improve page rank.

I now have 2 main hosting accounts, and 1 small hosting account that only has 1 site on it. My second hosting account was with Bluehost, (its now with Justhost). I bought the Professional Web Hosting package for $4.95 per month which got me

Unlimited Domain Hosting
Unlimited GB Hosting Space
Unlimited GB File Transfer
Unlimited Email Accounts
Free Domain
Free template builders

My thoughts about BlueHost vs Hostgator

I actually like Hostgator over and above Bluehost, even though its slightly more expensive, I found the user interface a lot better, as well as the help desk, just seems to be a little bit more helpful. I really need to make a point here, Godaddy hosting could only cost $1 for unlimited everything, and I still wouldn’t go back to to using it.

Bluehost is the cheaper option and if your on a budget, Bluehost is fine (no its not). Which ever way you go, make sure you get unlimited domains, as part of the package, even if you use another hosting provider.

Is it hard to Set up Sites on Host provider ?

No, it really is easy, for the most part its all click and point, and if you get stuck, you can always call the help desk.

Can I buy Domains then host on another provider ?

Yes, I still buy domains through GoDaddy.com , then host on either Bluehost or Hostgator, all you need to do is change the Domain Name Server, to what ever your DNS’s are.

Should I get private registration ?

I now privately register all my domains for one reason , I had a few of my sites click bombed, so to try to provide as much security as possible I now privately register every domain, when I renew old domains I take the private options.

What would I do if I was you ?

If your starting out, just get a cheap package, with multiple domains ability. If you are building small niche sites, start with one site get it right, then look to scale up your process. If you are building authority sites then just set up your hosting and build out your site.

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