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 No, this is not a remote controlled James Bond DB6Picking a product to sell on line is easy. Knowing when you picked the wrong one and what to do about it is a little harder.

I’ve been playing around with product sales on line for a while, both through drop shipping and physical products.  I thought I had a genius idea, coming into Christmas last year, I decided to go hard at selling Radio Controlled cars, plane and boats. I figured that RC products would make great Christmas presents for kids, and adults alike (hey I had a RC car when I was young and loved it) .  I would kill it for sure…. NOPE,  it cost me thousands of dollars.

Making a mistake like that can be costly, and possibly do a lot of damage to your brand. I got it very wrong here’s why : [click to continue…]


I don’t want to be an alarmist at all, but I fully believe that small micro niche sites that are monetized by Google Adsense only, are a highly risky website business to be trying to develop and are almost dead.  Now in saying that yes I know that there are some top notch web guys out there killing it, but here’s the simple reasons I believe that.

                1.            You should never put all your eggs in one basket.

             2.            It is extremely hard ( Impossible), to safe guard against suspicious click activity.

                               I mean you need to be on it, like white on rice, and report any thing you think is out of the normal to Google straight away.

                              Use this form here – Invalid Clicks Contact Form  also read Justin at Empire Flippers post about click bombing and fraud here

                3.        Google can and will close your adsense account for any policy violation.  They don’t have to, and won’t explain why !

                4.        Its hard frickin’ work to get enough scale to do anything of real value. [click to continue…]


If you reading this, there is a fair chance you’re doing something online either  making money online, trying to make money on line, or maybe your making a living online and just want to do better.  It doesn’t matter exactly where you are, or what level of success you are currently having, undoubtedly you’ve thought to yourself, what does it really take to be successful online ?

Now I’m not going to cover the same old boring ground, you know talking about passion, niche’s, knowing your shit e.t.c. I’m talking about the hard work, the elbow grease, that goes into it. [click to continue…]


Money - Black and White MoneyWith the economy the way it is at the moment a lot of people are looking ways to earn a little extra income. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is for trying to create an online income either, weather it is a side business or as a potential full time business, there are a ton of different ways you can go about it.

In my last post, The Quickest Way I Know How To Make Money Online, I wrote about the quickest way I know how to make money on line is to find something laying around your house unused and list it for sale on EBay (Gumtree, Craig’s list e.t.c, they are all the same).

I started doing that a little ways back, once I worked out that its easy money. I went looking for other ways to bolster the sales I was getting.  Quite simply I needed more products I could list.  So I started to research, I talked to friends that I knew were already selling things online. One friend was importing CD/DVD Scratch repair machines and associated products into Australia and selling them online, and was doing quite well out of it. [click to continue…]


April Income resutlsFor the most part, anyone working online is usually trying to make money or market their existing business.Be honest  the bottom line is YES we are all trying to make money online.  I’ve pretty much gone through every possible way to try and make money online.  As the saying goes  If only I knew then what I know now.

If I had to start again and wanted to earn money the quickest way possible.

I would start an EBay account


That’s right people, I wouldn’t blog, I wouldn’t create niche sites, I wouldn’t design software programs, I wouldn’t try consulting. I would start an EBay account. That’s right if I wanted to make IMMEDIATE online cash,

Yep that’s right I would look around my house find anything I wasn’t using and put it on EBay to sell it.
[click to continue…]


2014I’m really annoyed at someone I’ve never met, another online marketer Chris Desatoff From I Work of the Clock.  Here’s the thing, all he did was leave a comment on one of my blog posts.

Hi Darren, it’s been awhile since your last post on here. How are things going? Still working on your niche sites?

I hope things are going well for you.

Aloha, Chris

The reason Chris annoyed me, he pointed out something to me, I haven’t really been doing much, (his comment was in September, and I haven’t posted since), and how was my efforts going on my niche sites, and he wished me the best.  Well how dare he, make me realize I’ve been lazy, that my results were in the crapper and things have been going awfully, (Yes big self check there, thanks Chris).

Hey in all seriousness, I’ve also checked Chris’s blog out since, and he has some great information on there, I highly recommend it. [click to continue…]


Purpose of blogginI’ve been on-line trying to make money for a little over 24 months, and I’ve had a little bit of success and a lot of failure.  Since my week in the Philippines with the Empire Flippers guys, I’ve been thinking about what I really want to do.

                *     Am I trying to be the next successful blogger

                *     Am I really trying to make money on line

                *     Am I just trying to learn some new skills, then just get bored with them.

It’s  been an interesting thought process in the last few months.  It was actually at a dinner I was at in the Philippines, where I actually started to think about what am I really trying to achieve being online.

We were all talking about what we were doing online, and I actually heard myself, say, “I don’t really like trying to be a blogger, once I started to sell products, it made more sense to me, and it started to click”  OK, maybe they weren’t my actually words, but it was pretty much the meaning of what I was saying.

So to answer the first question I have been asking myself, Am I trying to be the next big successful blogger online ?  Well the honest answer to that is no, I’m not.  It’s really easy to look at some one that is the at the pinnacle of success, and think that’s where I want or should be. [click to continue…]

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