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Making more moneyI previously wrote about peoples general belief and attitude to money that if they earn more they will spend more, I wanted to go into more specifics about it, remember that there are 2 halves to increasing your income scenario. The first being the sexy earn more income scenario, which means starting a blog, getting another job that pays more, creating online businesses e.t.c

The less sexy scenario is controlling your money, and that means knowing where you money is going, and making sure you spend less then what you earn every week. So I wanted to give you the four very basic fundamentals of managing your money, treat these as starter ideas: [click to continue…]


authority websitesSometimes there is a benefit in knowing a little about a lot, then a lot about a little. When it comes to designing websites in a niche it’s never more important, then when you ask yourself, do I build a small 5 – 6 page niche sites with a limited number of posts about a very narrow subject, then move onto replicate that with multiple other smaller sites, or do I build one large site, about the total subject matter on hand, and dominate it, by including as much information about that one subject as I can. So you’re really asking yourself is it a small niche verse a large authority site.

Well, I wish I had the answer for you, there are plenty of people out there killing it with smaller niche sites, you have the likes of Niche pursuits and Empire flippers that both started in this area, and went on to grow a business that offers a lot of different services and products [click to continue…]


content crap

Whether it is a smaller micro-niche site or a larger authority type site this will be pertinent, are you regurgitating crap content ? For the sake of making my point here, I will assume you’ve picked your topic, and I’m also going to assume that you’ve picked Green Tea as your niche topic because you’ve, done your research and just love the crap out of Green Tea. Yes this was one of my smaller micro niche sites, and I drink Green Tea every morning.

After doing your research you’ve found Green Tea Health is a keyword with low competition and 480 global monthly searches and $2.56 Approximately CPC (Google Keyword stats). So you bought the URL, got your hosting sorted, set your site up with WordPress, and you go to put your first article up. So the big question right now for you, is what content do you put up… You’ve got a few options for content source here. [click to continue…]


drop shippingThere are so many ways you can make money online, from trading currency, creating websites and monetizing them, to selling products online.  My very first attempt at making money online was an affiliate site, based in the self help niche.   It was pretty simple really, I created a website, put up plenty of content, with links to affiliate sites, hoping that people will click on and with a bit of luck, make a small commission.

That was about as much thought as I put into it, I would of had to been really lucky, to make much from it.  Now there is all sorts of ways to approach an affiliate based site, Start with what you know, create the site, write lots of content, link to what ever affiliate meets the criteria, link build to it. Drive as much traffic to it as possible through social engagement, and maybe just maybe you might do some good. [click to continue…]


Ping serversIts fine to belt out as much content as you can, but unless you have people (traffic) that can find you website and content, you might be a very lonely little blogger. So the next step in growing your Niche Website Empire and creating that passive income you want is to start to link build to your site, doing blog comments, article submissions to article directories, pinging, e.t c.

I do a lot of manual work here, I make a lot of submissions to social sites, ping my sites, submit article, but I also utilize a lot of tools, such as Ultimate Demon, and part of that wonderful little package is the ability to be able to do mass submissions, so you can mass ping a URL.

Now pinging a URL helps to get it crawled fasted by search engine spiders. Basically your pages will get discovered and indexed fasted by the search engines, its kind of like yelling ” hey, I’m over here, be my friend’ Ultimate Demon allows you to do that on a mass scale. [click to continue…]


write a blogContent is king, or so the saying goes.  Its really easy to come up with an idea for a website or a blog, buy a domain, get some hosting, load up WordPress, or any other platform, and call yourself a blogger.  But the really hard question is, where are you getting your website content from, if you want to write a blog, how are you going to do it:-

Are you creating content yourself.

Are you outsourcing content

Are you using PLR Articles,

Have you just built a site and hope people will come to it

There are a lot of different ways to create or get content for your site.  But I need to make this really clear for you,  YOU SHOULD HAVE ORIGINAL CONTENT ON YOUR SITE.  By original I mean completely new content, weather you write it yourself or outsource it, all search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing) loves fresh new unique content. [click to continue…]


Website trafficBuilding a website is so easy, you can get some hosting, load up WordPress, start writing content and post it up. It can be the world’s best website on any topic you want, and it won’t mean a thing at all unless you get TRAFFIC.

I have started plenty of sites in the last few years, on a lot of different topics. Getting traffic to them has always been the difficult thing. But there is one thing that will get it ranking, BACKLINKS. The number of BACKLINKS is just one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (for example, this is used by Google and other directory sites to determine the PageRank of a webpage). [click to continue…]