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I’ve written about my websites being hacked on Bluehost, and why I hate Bluehost, here’s a quick video showing you what a hacked website looks like and what to look for.


Keyword researchThe last few years for me trying to build a solid online income through websites has been a very long road with lots of twist and turns and dead ends.  Probably the worst thing for me has been Keyword Research, in a word I SUCK at it.

It would be nice to be able to tell you otherwise, but I would be lying.  I have started multiple sites, with absolutely no Keyword Research whatsoever, or I actually put one up after an afternoon discussion with a friend about her lawn and lawn flies, so as a great idea I thought I would start a site about Lawn, and Your Lawn Matters was born. [click to continue…]


BluehostI need to explain the second part of that title, before some Pat Flynn groupie tracks me down. Pat Flynn is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs out there with his site Smart Passive Income. He seems like the sweetest guy, and deserves every bit of success that he has. If I ever do meet him, I would never ACTUALLY punch him on the nose, but I would ask what the hell is the go with Bluehost.  Here’s the story of why I hate Bluehost :

The hosting story so far…

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Internet Marketing Tool BoxI’ve written about this a few times, building a online business requires lots of things such as, hosting, domains, hardwork, creativity, outsourcing, you name it.  But one of the biggest things is being smart enough to cultivate and use a range of Internet tools.

So lets say for example, you want to start a email list and start to email your customers.  Would you capture the email addresses and start  emailing them using Microsoft outlook. If you answered yes, your WRONG. You would run not walk to a Email  Marketing Solution like Aweber or MailChimp.

The point is you would use a purposely designed tool, that is designed to manage the task.  Being successful, is about lots of things, the biggest thing is working smarter, not harder.  So my point is make smart use of the tools that can help you be successful online. [click to continue…]


This is another blog article from Nichewebsitedesigns.com about begin hacked, I put this up in September 2014.  I have just written a more in depth look at Bluehost and what really went on over a period of 5 months when I was hacked, I will post that shortly.


Any one that has ever used a computer would of heard the words HACKED or HACKERS, basically a hacker is a bottom feeding Keyboard warrior that takes pleasure in causing trouble online.  Anyone that is trying to make a living on line by building websites would understand that when your websites gets hacked it can stop your progress dead cold.

Now I have multiple sites spread over several different hosting companies, being Bluehost, Hostgator, and two private hosting businesses. Whilst I was out enjoying my Saturday at the movies, I happened to check my emails on my Samsung S4 Smartphone (great phone by the way) and saw this email from Bluehost.

Website Hacked Website Hacked

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With my new direction and me wanting to consolidate my websites.  I am taking content from Nichewebsitedesigns.com and moving it to my main site.  This is a blog article I wrote back in May 2014.  About getting penalized by Google for thin content on some small niche websites I had bought.


First appeared on Nichewebsitedesigns.com May 2014

Google has struck again, just as I had finally got some decent traction online, traffic and earnings wise. I have been penalized by Google for Thin Content. Now does it suck, yes of course, but is it fair ? Unfortunately I would have to say YES.

Now here’s the background to that statement and what I am doing about it. I recently purchased four established Niche websites in total, with three now being penalized due to thin content. Two sites where in aligned similar niches with one being in a completely different niche.

The three penalized sites, were all established for six months or older, and were at least five months old when penalized. The smallest site has 127 article on it with 150 plus per day visitors, take a look

Google Thin Content Google Thin Content Penalty

 So what happened ?

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Setbacks happen for a reason, that’s something I’ve always been told  Sometimes you need to take a step back before you can take a step forward, that’s what setbacks are all about, they are not the end of the world. Late April I had a very pivotal moment in my life, I lost a close family relative, within a few days I had another close family relative diagnosed with cancer. Then Google did their magic and managed to penalize my niche websites, I lost about 95% of my earnings overnight. So it was a pretty traumatic experience with in a few short weeks.

What do I do

I had to take a step back from the crap, I just couldn’t be bothered with dealing with it. But at the end of the day, that doesn’t get me anywhere. Its the whole ostrich with its head in the sand issue.   Its OK to give yourself time to process things, a few days or weeks, its not OK to ignore something for months or years.  That absolute best thing you can do is, give you self sometime, I will always give my self 2 weeks.  Then I take a look at what the problem or setback is and what I can learn out of it, and what do I need to do next. [click to continue…]