Welcome to Ways To Increase Income

Hi my name is Darren Boland and I’m based in Queensland Australia, welcome to my site Ways To Increase Income. I’ve had a varied career with-in the materials handling industry with a huge passion for creating passive income.

I started blogging online in May 2010, I originally started this site as an affiliate marketing site focusing on the income generation niche. But as I progressed along and learnt how to go about creating a blogging income, I changed my focus pretty quickly. I realized that I wanted to develop my online income to include, trading, online business and blogging about things I was passionate about.

Have no doubt, from where I started to where I am right now is vastly different, I have made massive changes to what and how I have been doing things along the way. Those changes include this site, I turned this site into a personal journal about my journey in generating extra INCOME. I include everything that I am doing to obtain financial success, and financial freedom. I include what my mindset is about things I do, new projects I undertake as well as my results. I hope anyone reading this site, can learn something from it.

In the past I have tried trading – shares, forex, options, commodities, 6 figure salary jobs, owned traditional businesses (A fruit shop), and non-traditional businesses (Online web businesses), property investing / development and just about every other scheme known to man, just to make a few extra dollars.

Without a doubt the money I liked to earn the most was passive income, which is the MONEY I earned for doing very little. Now most experts tell you to set and forget, that’s RUBBISH by the way, you have to put effort into it, but trust me when you are successful at it you won’t feel like you’re working at all.

So please take the time, to look around, and feel free to leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.